About Odoo

Odoo is a suite of business management software tools including CRM, e-commerce, billing, accounting, manufacturing, warehouse, project management, and inventory management.
It’s a modular and flexible software fit for all Companies (small, medium, or even large) in any industry.

Why Odoo?

Whether running small, medium organizations, or large enterprises, this is a Software Solution used by all types of industries & businesses.

Odoo Value

  • Cost effective
  • User Experience
  • Facilities Workflow
  • Flexibility

Odoo In Numbers

  • +5 Million User
  • +120 Countries
  • 1250 Partners
  • +27K Apps

Open Source Platform

  • User-Friendly Software
  • Powerful and Affordable Software
  • Save Time & Save Money
  • Automated Business

Odoo Apps

Accounts receivable & payable, chart of accounts, management reports, journal entries.
Customer relationships management An easy way to track the prospects and gain all the information in one place.
Project Management
Organize projects by creating different stages and identify the status of any task & Follow-up on any customer issue.
Manage and control the entire sales department on a single
Keep tracking incoming and outgoing. Manage and organize inventory from various stored resources.
Handle the complexity of production. Manage Bills of materials. Plan manufacturing orders, and track work orders.
Human Resource
Ensure everyday HR processes are manageable and easy to access. Manage important aspects of staff work efficiently.
Keep track of quotes, order statuses, quantity levels, and expected delivery dates.

Our Odoo Services

Development & Customization
From small businesses to large-scale enterprises, organizations of all sizes, and all industries, We offer advanced development, customization & implementation of Odoo modules.

Business Analysis
Our Odoo consultants analyze the workflow, understand the challenges, define the needs, to proceed with the implementation of the Odoo ERP Software that meets the organization’s goals and increases productivity.

An advanced implementation process applied to deliver an excellent experience of a fully paperless environment to make it easier to get results through a well-organized platform and make a smooth process of reporting, requesting, notifying, tracking, data entry, and handle all issues.

Training & Testing
It has never been easier than that, considering the friendly user & fully functional integrated system, until our dedicated team to the project train the company’s employee on the Odoo Software for a quick start.

Technical Support
Our specialized technical team is ready to support, test, and host to go live, thus the availability to handle all issues.


Survey Management System

From designing and distributing a questionnaire to analysis and closing the loop, automate the data collection and reports for companies in any industry. Create online surveys, quizzes, and other web forms. then distributed for a target audience to conduct market research or feedback and opinions. Gain insight into participants’ opinions of events, projects, customer service, or other aspects of the business.

Helpdesk/Ticketing System

Improve your customer service with an awesome user interface that allows you to quickly track, prioritize and solve customer tickets. Boost your team’s productivity with service license agreements, automated actions, as well as pre-written scripts and canned responses for live chat and emails. Self-service allows customers to be a part of the process with the ability to manage and close tickets.

Project Management System

Manage project forecasts, teams, and files. Easily delegate tasks and monitor each step of the project. Reduce time spent on information entry. It is never easy before to track the status of every task than that, things are more organized and much more visible with it. Tasks can be divided into many sub-tasks and can be assigned to different employees.

Document/Archiving Management System

A system used to capture, track, and store electronic documents such as PDFs, word processing files, and digital images of paper-based content.  Organizes and controls the flow of documents throughout the organization.

Property Management System

An advanced property management solution to manage and follow-up as-well-as financial issue reports, notification for each process done or not, manage contracts, maintenance requests or services, auto cost revenue & net profits.

Administrative Business System

Manage, and control the organization’s correspondence, and internal communication, or other administrative works to support and fulfill the management’s requirements or needs for productivity raising and efficiently facilitate the daily workflow of the administrations’ sections.